Garden Program

General Information

At Cleveland School, students grow food, flowers, and natives plants.  They create a habitat for birds, butterflies, and many other fauna, while they learn about the world of flora.

The kids also get to eat what they grow.  Through Explore Ecology, the school garden has been certificated as an organic producer, permitted to give food to the school's cafeteria, so that it may be offered in the salad bar, or in prepared dishes.

This project hopes to connect children with not just food, but also with the endless possibilities for learning in nature.  

The Garden Educator, Kristen Spalding, would like to welcome donations of watering cans, tools, gloves, or empty laundry detergent bottles to the garden.  Please also feel free to email her at if you are interested in volunteering in the garden.
Kristen Spalding
Garden Educator
Explore Ecology
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